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UPDATED and ENHANCED: Worcestershire Year by Year (1963-2012)


ADDED: An extra page containing two recent photographs from each of Andrew Lambert, Robert Cooke and Robert Pritchard, and four by Steve Widdowson.
Finally many best wishes for 2014 and thanks to all contributors and tohse who made comments on the site in 2013.


NOTE: The video of ex-GWR 'Hall' class 4-6-0 steam locomotive No.7812 'Erlestoke Manor' leaving Kidderminster has been removed due to its large file size.


UPDATED: The article about Stourport-on-Severn Station with new text and photographs.


At Monday night's WLS Meeting a large audience was treated to 220 of Dave Wood's photographs taken on WLS Trips in the 1960s. It is hoped to show some of these rare photographs on this site in due course. As an added bonus Dave brought ten old Ian Allan Shedbooks for sale to aid the loco restoration funds. The MIAC bought these to add to the archives and the oldest is a 1958 Locoshed Book originally owned by Gerald Wadley (ACS)

ADDED: Photograph taken by Pete Wilcox of an MPV at Droitwich.



ADDED: Photograph of a pair of class 172 two-car diesel multiple units at Newland on 20th November 2013.


ADDED Photographs from the 2013 85A Enginemen's Reunion.


Many thanks to all those who attended and to those who helped setup and run a highly enjoyable event. Special thanks to Chris Wilkinson and Steve Widdowson for their presentations, to Brian Thomas for his Master of Ceremonies role and to Phil Bullock for bringing his Abbotswood Junction Model Railway (ACS).


Updated the article about class 27 locomotives at Worcester with new information supplied by Phil Bullock.


ADDED: New entries for Stourbridge Locomotive Sheds and Stambermill Viaduct.


Over the course of the next four weeks key parts of this site will take on a new appearance as they are converted to use the new web site software, but the "static" pages will remain as they are and only take on a new appearance if and when then need to be updated. This will mean that for a time there will be an odd mixture of page styles in use, but this is the only feasible method of maintaining the site. The new home page and first level pages will come on-line later the week (ACS).

The Malvern Industrial Archaeology Circle (MIAC) is pleased to announce that it has received a substantial donation of railway memorabilia from the collection of the late Gerald Wadley. Gerald died earlier this year and his relatives have donated his railway items to the Circle. Gerald had been one of the foremost railway enthusiasts in Worcestershire and was a leading light in the formation of the Worcester Locomotive Society in 1960.
The most important items in the donation are a substantial number of photographs taken during the late 1950s showing steam locomotives near to his home in Malvern Link and and further afield.
The public will get its first opportunity to see some of these historic photographs during the Worcester Railwaymen’s 85A reunion on Saturday 26th October 2013 at Oldbury Park Primary School, St John’s, Worcester, WR2 6AA for which admission is free and doors open from 12 noon.
New photographs loaded to the site:
Class 150/2 two-car diesel multiple unit No.150246 at Worcester Shrub Hill (Adrian Booth).
Colas livery No.66848 in charge of the 08:15 from Ratcliffe Power Station to Portbury. Photograph taken by Steve Widdowson at Croome.
Class 56 No.56312 at Abbotswood (photograph by Blannimal).
No.46233 at Worcester Shrub Hill (Steve Widdowson).


ADDED: Photograph of class 52 diesel locomotive No.D1015 at Croome. Photograph by Steve Widdowson


We are sorry to have to announce the decease of former fitter Ernest Ledbury, aged 92, of Worcester.

ADDED: Photograph of class 57 diesel locomotive No.57315 at Abbotswood with a Crewe to Kingswear train.


The decision to close four signal boxes on the lines between Droitwich Spa and Stourbridge with cable-operated colour lights signals has proven to be a spectacular "own goal" by Network Rail.


ADDED: Photograph of class 150 diesel multiple unit No.150109 on Worcester Depot on 26th August 2013.


ADDED: Photograph of several trains at Worcester Shrub Hill on 24th August 2013.


ADDED: More artistic drawings from London Midland and First Great Western.

ADDED: Another meaningless slogan.


ADDED: An important reminder of the past was removed early in August 2013 when the two long disused sidings into the South Dock at Worcester Shrub Hill Station were removed.

ADDED: Photograph of DB Schenker livery class 60 diesel locomotive No.60091 at Abbotswood.

REVISED: The caption of No.45626 'Seychelles' on Worcester shed in 1965 with information supplied by Stephen Moreton.


ADDED: Three of our favourite locomotives - ex-GWR "Castle" class 4-6-0s at Worcester. All all three locomotives, from the collection of Tony Hoskins, were built after nationalisation.

ADDED: Article about the Great Welland Railway.


On 14th August Robert Cooke took his turn at photographing the Stroud Valley line engineering works trains and was rewarded by one that was double-headed and another top and tailed, all using class 66 diesel locomotives.

Also on 14th August a pair of class 20 diesel locomotives had charge of nuclear flasks.


ADDED: Four photographs from the collection of Tony Hoskins of steam locomotives on shed at Worcester in the 1960s. Help is needed with dates and identities of railwaymen.

Amended: The entry for Ted Crocker with notes provide by Robin King who thinks he has identified the 'Castle' class steam locomotive emerging from Campden Tunnel.

ADDED: Photograph of class 180 five-car diesel multiple unit No.180108 at Newland on 15th January 2013. Photograph taken by Robert Pritchard.

ADDED: Photograph of No.60163 'Tornado' on 19th March 2013.


The Stroud Valley line is closed until Sunday this week for engineering works. Many extra trains will operate through the county to and from the engineering works near Kemble and Bescot sidings.

ADDED: Photograph of class 66 diesel locomotive No.66147 at Abbotswood on Monday 12th August 2013.


ADDED: Photographs taken by Steve Widdowson of de-railed 'HST 125' train at Worcester.


ADDED: Photograph of class 153 railcar No.153325 at Great Malvern on 8th August 2013.


I have had this message today about former Worcester Railwaymen, Dave Pagett.

"To all of David's friends.........

"My name is Claire, I am David's eldest step daughter. David sadly passed away last night. He has put up a long brave fight but is now at peace and no longer suffering. He died peacefully with his family at his side. Even though long expected nothing could have prepared us for the huge sense of loss we feel without him. I'm sure there will be friends and colleagues who will want to pay their respects.

"I would appreciate it if you could let others know who may not see his message. Thanks to those who have visited, posted cards etc your thoughts have been appreciated. If you would like to contact me at any point please feel free to do so. Thank you x"

The funeral was on Wednesday 31st July.


ADDED: Photograph of a convoy of class 66 diesel locomotives at Defford.

Added photograph of GBRf class 66 diesel locomotive No.66736 'Wolverhampton Wanderers' on the 14.57 Cardiff Docks to Peterborough GBRf greenenergy tanks.

ADDED: Photograph of two class 66 diesel locomotives at Bromsgrove on Saturday 29th June 2013 (Andrew Lambert).

ADDED: Photograph taken by Andrew Lambert of Colas livery class 56 diesel locomotive No.56302 at Bromsgrove.


ADDED: Photograph taken by Ian Clay of class 43 power car No.43148 in advertising livery at Malvern Link.


ADDED: Entries for stations at Alvechurch and Redditch.

UPDATED: Entries for Evesham Country Park and Evesham Vale Light Railway.

UPDATED: Entry for Fernhill Heath Station.


ADDED: Photograph of BR 'Pannier Tank' No.9401 at Worcester. It is hoped to a former Worcester railwaymen might be able to identify the workman. Email me please if you have any ideas. Andrew Smith

ADDED: An entry for Newland Gas Works in Malvern. Thanks to Andrew Lambert for pointing out the missing entry.

NEW VIDEO: Phil Bullock has uploaded a superb new fifteen-minute video of his model railway layout of Abbotswood Junction is available on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06TPwf8px1k


ADDED: Photograph taken by Pete Wilcox of 'Warship' class 43 diesel locomotive No.D833 'Panther' at Worcester in 1970.

More of Pete's excellent photographs can be found on his Flickr site at:


ADDED: Photograph taken by Blannimal of class 57 diesel locomotives Nos.57009 and 57008.


ADDED: Photograph taken by Robert Pritchard of Colas livery class 56 diesel locomotive No.56302 at Bredicot.

ADDED: Photograph taken by Blannimal of class 47 diesel locomotive No.47854 at Great Malvern with a Compass tours railway.


First of all I must apologise to Paul Dorney who actually took the photograph of No.3836 (below) for which we are trying to find out the names of the footplate crew. Paul has no objection to the use of his photograph on this site and the caption has now been amended accordingly. The footplate crew remain unidentified.

Robert Cooke advises that the following trains are scheduled to run on Saturday 30th June 2013:

04.50 Tame Bridge Parkway to Penzance, stops at Worcester Shrub Hill at 05.57 (Mazey Day Special).

1Z49 04.45 Derby to Penzance via ex- B&GR (not via Worcester). Due through Abbotswood at 06.47 (another Mazey Day train).

Freight diversion from North and West - 07.13 Chirk to Baglan Bay (Colas 56 most likely) due through Abbotswood at 11.19 and Cheltenham at 11.38.

My (thinly disguised) request for photographs has brought forward a deluge, well half a dozen anyway, awaiting my attention. There is however a bit of a problem as the ancient web page creation software we are using will not work on a 64 bit Windows 8 system, so until new software arrives and is installed, it is to hoped the ancient laptop that is being used will keep going.

ADDED: Photograph taken by Tony Hoskins of class 66 diesel locomotive No.66007 at Bredon.


ADDED: A photograph of 2-8-0 steam locomotive No.3836 at Worcester. The crew has not been identified but it is hoped that somebody can help. If so please me email acs.smith51@gmail.com (Andrew Smith).

ADDED: For lovers of the COLAS yellow livery, a photograph of Nos.56074 & 47749 at Croome in May 2013.

My apologies for the lack of updates in the last month which has been cause by a combination of holidays and the absence of any new material to post. Several of our regular photographers have recently been concentrating on parts of South Wales, whilst I have been out of the country. In addition what little spare time I have had has been swallowed up by migration to Windows 8 on a new laptop and preparing material for the 2013 85A Enginemen's Reunion. I hope to resume normal service next week (ACS).

Here are a couple of Flickr sites:

Blannimal : http://www.flickr.com/photos/32929427@N06/

Andrew Smith : http://www.flickr.com/photos/64883236@N03/

If anyone else wants their cloud based site listed here please advise us.


ADDED: Photograph taken by Robert Cooke of class 66 diesel locomotive No.66702 at Bredicot.

ADDED: Photograph taken by Robert Pritchard of ex-GWR 'King' class 4-6-0 steam locomotive No.6024 'King Edward I' at Worcester in 1995.

ADDED: Photograph taken by Robert Pritchard of class 9F No.92220 'Evening Star' at Worcester in 1965.

ADDED: Photograph taken by Dave Bushell of class 37 diesel locomotive No.37267 at Evesham in 1982.


UPDATED: The entry for Hartlebury Station with new photographs and text.


ADDED: Photograph of class 56 diesel locomotive No.56303 towing class 86 electric locomotives ex-BR Nos.86228 and 86242. Photograph taken by Blannimal.


UPDATED: The entry for Dudley with updated information and new photographs. If anybody spots any errors on the revised entry please let us know. Thanks.

ADDED: Photograph of Great Malvern Station after being damaged by fire in March 1986.

ADDED: Photograph and details of a "Bromsgrove Enginemen reunion in 2011". With apologies for the lengthy delay.

ADDED: Photograph by Dave Bushell of class 43 diesel hydraulic locomotive No.D851 at Evesham.


ADDED: Photograph of No.34067 'Tangmere' at Great Malvern.

Further apologies for the lack of updates which is being caused by problems outside of my control (ACS).


Robert Pritchard, former Chairman of the Worcester Loco Society, has provided this tribute to Gerald Wadley:

"Today (Friday) Andrew, Chris Wilkinson (Worcester Meetings Organiser) and I represented the Worcester Locomotive Society at the funeral of our founder, Gerald Roland Wadley (17/5/1944 – 26/3/2013). Gerald was a local lad who was educated at Malvern Link County Primary School and Worcester Royal Grammar School. If he attended the former between the ages of five and eleven, then Roger Lamb, Lyndon Knott and I were there with him for two years. Andrew and his older brother met Gerald when they played cricket on Malvern common within sight of the railway. I became aware of him when I started school at Worcester in September 1959 and was inducted into the Worcester Section of the Ian Allan Locospotters Club (national membership No. 365772), fifteen-year-old Gerald being the the secretary. My first outing took place on Sunday 3/1/1960 when we started at Cheltenham Malvern Road, continued to Swindon where 9Fs, Warships and 204hp shunters were being built, saw 5029 NUNNEY CASTLE racing through Westbury on the avoiding line, and concluded with the three Bristol depots. I thought Gerald left school soon afterwards but from what we learnt today it seems he continued to the “sixth form” which meant two more years until the summer of 1963. The IALSC was disbanded in 1960 so the newly-independent Worcester Section became the Worcester Locomotive Society on 1/10/1960. Roger and I duly walked to Gerald’s home at 55 Redland Road, Malvern where we became co-founders with the membership numbers 45 and 46. Gerald naturally was No. 1 and the late Terry Dowding was No. 2. Gerald lost interest in trainspotting around 1963 but we never forgot him and his notebooks passed via Dave Wood and me to Andrew who makes use of them for the Railways in Worcestershire website. Gerald’s lifelong passion proved to be the cricket and his contribution in the local area was so great that the chapel at Worcester Crematorium was full with family and friends. Even the standees were so densely packed that we had to open the back door during the service. Way to go!"

AMENDED: Minor change made to the Honeybourne page to delete some information included in error (thanks to Jo Roesen for pointing out the error).

There is a small backlog of items to be posted including some nice luggage labels, tickets and old photos including a Warship. I hope to make a start on tackling this next week after the AGM of the Industrial Railway Society on 20th April.


It is with regret that we have to report the decease of two more people who made outstanding contributions in their own way. They are renowned RCTS member, photographer, traveller and true gentleman, Hugh Ballantyne, and Gerald Wadley who was one of the founding members of the Worcester Locomotive Society. Some of Gerald's railway notebooks are in the care of the MIAC.


Historical note: This is the 50th anniversary of the publication of the "Beeching Report" that saw large scale railway closures. It is to be hoped that those who heard Andrew Smith on BBC Hereford & Worcester were not put off their morning coffee.


ADDED: Photograph of No.34067 'Tangmere' at Worcester Foregate Street Station.

ADDED: Photograph of No.60163 'Tornado' at Worcester Foregate Street Station.

ADDED: Photograph of class 50 diesel locomotives Nos.50031 and 50032 at Worcester in 1977.


ADDED: Photograph of work in progress at the Engineers' siding at Worcester Shrub Hill.

ADDED: Photograph of on-track plant TXM Plant Ltd's 'Elite Plus' Nos.940677-6 & 940654-5 at Spetchley.

ADDED: Photograph of class 66 diesel locomotive No.66056 at Pirton.


 NEWS: The Redcar to Margam loaded coke trains and returning empties have restarted after last operating in July 2012.

ADDED: Three photographs of class 47 diesel locomotives Nos.47501 & 47832 at Malvern on the 'Northern Belle' special train on Sunday 3rd March 2013.

ADDED: Two photographs showing the railway bridge at Worcester Foregate Street following a repaint.

ADDED: Two photographs of the sidings at Perrywood, Worcester, formerly those of The Metal Box Co Ltd. The sidings are reported to have been taken out of use about December 2012.


ADDED: Six photographs taken by Alan Bunting at Littleton & Badsey Station in the early 1960s.


ADDED: Photographs of three very rare tickets from the collection of Brian Penney. We have many more tickets in the pending tray which will be posted as time allows.


ADDED: Photographs of a special brochure produced by BR for the 'Open Day' at Worcester Depot in 1969.


We are pleased to advise that we have given (from Terry Gurd) digital copies of 41 photographs taken by the late Roy Smith, a railway enthusiast who would be well known by sight if not by name by many Worcester enginemen. Those who were at the 2012 Reunion might recall seeing some of these photographs, all featuring railwaymen, on display. It is intended to show all of the 41 photographs as part of the 2013 reunion but in the meantime and by way of a taster we have added a photograph of ex-GWR 0-6-0 tender engine No.2210 on shed at Worcester taken in 1962 prior to working special trains on the Bromyard branch.

ADDED: Photogrpah of First Great Western five-car class 180 diesel multiple unit No.180104 at Malvern Wells.

ADDED: Photograph of ex-LMSR 'Jubilee' class 4-6-0 No.45626 'Seychelles' at Worcester in 1965. Photograph taken by Pete Wilcox.

ADDED: Notes provided by Pete Wilcox and Richard Atkinson about a collision at Hartlebury on 26th January 1967.

ADDED: A fascinating photograph showing the former goods yard alongside Kidderminster Station and now the site of the Severn Valley Railway's station with class 25 diesel locomotive No.25202 and a four-car class 503 electric multiple unit consigned to a scrap yard.


"I have just discovered your splendid website and have been re-living some of my youth! I attended Malvern College from Sept 1968 to July 1973 during which time I (and some chums) became very familiar with the line especially between Newland East (with its P-Way yard) and the Colwall tunnel.

"During my time the College's railway society was very active and had numerous outings, including visits to Shrub Hill's signal boxes, travelling on the last train from Snow Hill (before it was resuscitated!) and travelling on the first post-ban steam special from Worcester to Hereford behind Black Prince, then to Newport and back behind George V.

"I can confirm that there was no evidence of the loco shed at Malvern Wells by the time I arrived in Malvern. If there had been anything left, I am confident its existence would have been highlighted. The Wells box was a popular place for spotting, not least because the signalmen were quite chatty between trains.

"I was a regular user of trains between Great Malvern and Paddington during my schooldays and got to know the line quite well. I do recall witnessing fly-shunting for the only time in my life at Shrub Hill at the end of my first term. Unfitted freight stock disappeared shortly thereafter.

"All the infrastructure of the steam railway had been removed by 1968, so not a water crane in sight anywhere and quite a bit of rationalisation and singling going on. It is all rather wonderful to reflect that this was the lowest point and to see how things have bounced back since.

Hope this is of interest. If you think I may be able to help fill in any other gaps, do please let me know."

Kind regards, Charles Cattell


I am sorry to advise that Fireman Tony Hill passed away on Wednesday 13th, I believe Tony worked at Worcester from the late 1950s, was a stalwart and great supporter of our reunions right from the start and indeed provided 16 minutes of live action from the Worcester shed in our first 2008 event.



"I am so sorry to read your announcement of the sad death of Peter. He and I were firemen at Worcester depot from the early 1960s to 1968. I have many memories of Peter from our time together, he was a character, mad on cars and always a charmer. I remember on one occasion when we were both on nights, he on a spare shift and I on the shed turning shift. At about two-o-clock in the morning he started taking orders for fish and chips from those of us in the mess room. We couldn't understand just where he thought he could get fish and chips at that time in the morning in Worcester. We all said, if he could get them we would eat them. So, off he went in the dead of night with his orders for about ten fish and chip suppers whilst we covered for him with the foreman. Time went on and we wondered just where on earth had he gone for those fish and chips. Eventually, true to his word, he came back about an hour later with ten fish and chip suppers. At first he wouldn't tell us just where he'd been, so we all tucked in. After we had eaten, he told us where he had obtained them. He had driven all the way to the Strensham services on the M5 and back!"

Chris Harris, Worcester Fireman 1962 to 1968.

The Worcester News (20/2/2013) has reported that Worcestershire County Council are to bid for £7 million to build the long-awaited Worcester Parkway Station at Norton. In the absence of any long-term plan to manage traffic on the busy roads in the area the chances of success must be minimal.

ADDED: Photograph of a "HEART-LINE" window poster. With thanks to Steve Carter for permission to use the image.

The refurbishment works to Worcester Foregate Street Station's road bridge, which had been under renovation since 2012, was officially unveiled on 22nd February 2013. A photograph of the renovated bridge appears in the latest issue of the Worcester Locomotive Society's 'The Big Four' magazine.


ADDED: Photograph taken by Andrew Lambert of class 66 diesel locomotive No.66125 at Abbotswood on Sunday 25th January 2013.

ADDED: Photograph of class 66 diesel locomotive No.66192 at Worcester Shrub Hill on Margam to Round Oak train.


Because the GWRSA club closed suddenly last year the Worcester Locomotive Society's home base has now moved to the Barbourne Ex Servicemen's club, The Moors, (next to the Swan Theatre) Worcester. WR1 3ED, we now meet on the last Monday of the month, except when it clashes with a Bank holiday (May 27th now June 3rd-August 26th now September 2nd) our first club night is on Monday January 28th, Ian Catling will present the WLS 2012 tours-WLS/SDR special & Mike Smiths 85A Reunion on the day photos, doors open 19.30-start 20.00 Everyone is most welcome to come along and celebrate our first meeting at our new venue where we have our own bar and beer at £2 a pint!

The long awaited Brian Penney & Richard Parker Worcester works article shortly to appear in the Autumn edition of the Great Western Railway Journal is rumoured to be out on Thursday January 24th.

The provisional date for the 2013 85A Railwaymen's Reunion is Saturday October 26th from 12 noon until 5pm, at Oldbury Park Primary school, Oldbury road, St John's, Worcester.

Club website www.worcesterlocomotivesociety.co.uk


ADDED: Photograph of class 43 'HST 125' power car No.43139 at Great Malvern.


It is with sadness that I have to report the death, after a lengthy illness, of Terry Dowding. Terry was a former Worcester Railwayman and long-time stalwart of the Worcester Locomotive Society. An inspiration to all those who knew him. Andrew Smith.


On 10th December 2012, the first day of the new timetables the 06:59 Birmingham New Street to Hereford was worked by class 150 two-car diesel multiple unit No.150109. This presumably returns at 08:49 (arrives 10:22) and then the 10:49 New Street to Hereford (arrive 12:19) then 12:40 to New Street arriving at 14:12. It certainly worked the 14:49 New Street to Hereford because a MIAC member was on it. The outside has been repainted in London Midland livery but sadly the interior has not even had a deep clean. If this is the regular duty then plenty of chances for photography.

One negative development on Cross Country network is the end of the even half hourly B&GR line service. Those that previously left New Street for Bristol and/or the South-west at xx.12 now leave at xx.20 (the xx.42 services still leave at xx.42), The half hourly timings from Bristol remain at even intervals.

All Sunday services between Birmingham New Street and Worcester on Sundays between 6th January 2013 and 10th February 2013 are listed as diverted via Kidderminster and Droitwich as the B&GR is closed (presumably between Bromsgrove and Stoke Works where several miles of new track are alongside the railway). A further closure south of Abbotswood Junction is also to be inferred as all Cross Country services are shown as replaced by buses in the county.

London Midland has added two earlier services from Hereford to Birmingham New Street on Sundays. This welcome development reintroduces a morning service after a break of over forty years.

ADDED: Entry in the Bibliography for Rex Kennedy's fine article in Steam Days magazine, November 2012, on Worcestershire in the 1940s.

ADDED: Entry in the Bibliography for NE/SW Album book, printed by Ian Allan in 1982.

ADDED: Photograph of an unidentified class 47 diesel locomotive at Bredicot in May 1981. Not much to go on but perhaps one of our eagle-eyed viewers can provide details of the likely working? (ACS)

ADDED: Information about the short-lived "HEART-LINE" branding and photograph of class 43 'HST' Nos.43189 and 43190 at Kilnhurst.

ADDED: Photograph of No.139001 and 139002 at Stourbridge Junction (Pete Wilcox photograph)

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