Railways in Worcestershire

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Northfield Station


Grid Reference: SP 025789

Northfield lies on the outskirts of Birmingham between Kings Norton and Longbridge. The station has recently been rebuilt by Centro and now includes a large station car park. Northfield originally just consisted of the central island platform.

Class 66 No.66046 with the Longbridge to Swindon car parts train - this loco will run round the train at Kings Norton and shortly return in the other direction. The oddly named platform 4 is somewhat misleading as platforms 2 and 3 are no longer in use.

The main station building on platform 1 and the entrance to the disused platforms 2 and 3. Both photographs taken by Andrew Smith on 3rd September 2001.

222023 - 'Mancunian Voyager'

In the final year of operation of the 'Virgin Trains, Cross Country' franchise No.220023 'Mancunian Voyager' is caught in the autumn sunlight as it heads towards Birmingham on the 'down' fast line.

323202 at Northfield

In a modified 'Centro' livery with 'Network West Midlands' logos and yellow doors is No.323202. Note that the original destination indications at the top middle of the leading carriage has been blanked off.

323222 at Northfield

The train guard checks that the doors are closed before allowing No.323222 to proceed to Redditch.

Nos. 323207 & 323214 at Northfield

This is the view from Platform No.1 in the direction of Longbridge as a pair of class 323 emu's cross. On the left is No.323207 with No.323214 on the right. Fast trains us the pair of lines in the middle that pass through the disused platform on the non-electrified lines.

The four photographs above were taken on 17th October 2007.

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