Railways in Worcestershire

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Adlington Sidings


Grid Reference: SP 056447

Aldington Sidings were located on the east side of the B4510 road from Bengeworth to Offenham. There was a signal box on the 'up' side but the sidings were on the 'down' side. The road entrance to the sidings was from a lane leading from the main road to the village of Aldington.

Aldington Signal Box was a standard GWR brick built structure. There was a crossover between the 'up' and 'down' lines and three short sidings that included one with a loading dock. The 'down' distant signal was the Littleton & Badsey starting signal. Aldington home signal was before the siding entrance and the starting signal was beyond the road bridge, also a distant. Only 'down' trains called to pick up or drop off vans for loading. The signal box was normally closed and if a train was to call at the sidings a travelling shunter/signalman travelled with the train and switched in the box before assisting with the shunting. After the shunting was completed he switched the box out and travelled with the train to Evesham.

These notes kindly provided by Douglas Carver.

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