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Upper Wyche Quarry Malvern


Grid Reference: SO 769439

The quarry is close to the Wyche Cutting and is accessible from a car park provided at the base of the quarry by the Malvern Hills Conservators.

This photograph shows two narrow gauge skips on track that went from the thn current workings of the quarry to the loading dock at the road side.

Upper Wyche c1923

This photograph shows tracks running all the way to the quarry face on several levels.

Upper Wyche c1923

This photograph, which is a close up view of the right hand part of the previous one, shows a partly filled narrow gauge skip at the quarry face.

The series of three photographs above were commissioned by the Malvern Hills Conservators in 1923 (who have kindly allowed them to be reproduced here) in support of the proposed Malvern Hills Act to demonstrate to Members of Parliament the amount of damage being done to the hills by quarrying.

Upper Wyche - 1

The floor of the quarry is grassed over but as can be seen loose stone can fall down from the quarry face from time to time.

Upper Wyche - 2

Both photographs were taken by Andrew Smith on 11th August 2002.

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