Images of 2007 - Railways in Worcestershire

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Images of 2007

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Worcestershire's Railways in 2007


Broad Gauge Bridge Rail

Quite a lot of GWR type Broad Gauge Bridge Rail remains in use as lineside fence poles but it came as something of a surprise to find this piece on Howsell Road, Malvern Link marking what was formerly an entrance to the Goods Yard (22/11/2007).

This is a nice picture of Class 170 dmu No.170511 (minus its former Central Trains logos) passing the site of Malvern Link Goods Yard (22/12/1007).

170110 & 170114

By 2007 the depot at Worcester had taken on a functional if some austere identity. The former 'Washout' shed had become the site of a compound with three large blue containers. The site of the 'coal drops' siding is visible behind with five stabling sidings all of which were accessed from the depot yard. On 20th January 2007 class 170/1 three-car diesel multiple unit Nos. 170110 and two-car No.170114 were in the sidings together with an unidentified class 1705/5 two-car diesel multiple unit. Other diesel multiple units can be seen in Shrub Hill Station.


A stopping train for Hereford arrives at Bromsgrove with No.170398 whilst a 170519 waits to climb the Lickey (24/9/2007).


Class 66 No.66074 runs light engine through Bromsgrove Station (24/9/2007).

66058 & 66162

Class 66 No.66058 banks fellow locomotive No.66162 at the foot of the Lickey Incline (24/9/2007).


A set of old buffer stops at the former loco stabling point at Bromsgrove (24/9/2007).


Voyager No.220023 passes through Northfield Station on 17/10/2007.


Also at Northfield on 17/10/2007 is Class 323 No.323202.


Class 150 dmu No.150013 at Kidderminster on 23/8/2007.


Another Class 150 dmu (No.150124) at Worcester Shrub Hill on 23/8/2007.

All photographs taken by Andrew Smith.

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