On-track Plant - Railways in Worcestershire

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On-track Plant

Year by Year > 2020

Alongside Worcester Shrub Hill station is a small yard which is often used as a stabling point for on-track plant. On 4th July 2020 it held Colas livery tamper No.DR 73907. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

Also in the yard on 4th July 2020 was road-railer "Pod-Trac" platform basket No.PTL3549.
On 12th July 2020 the centre dead-end road at the station at Worcester Shrub Hill was occupied by on-track plant.  Steve Widdowson was there and took these two images (above). The road-railer is No.911342-2.
The last use in 2020 of the St Andrews Road Plant Depot, Malvern  and its track access point was in November 2020 in connection with securing the line near Great Malvern Station after a badger sett was found to be undermining the foundations of line. The photographs (above) show three items of TMX Plant on 17th November.  The road-railer is No.910071-8 (TMX No.7138) and wagons No.070016-9 and 070017-7.
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