Railways in Worcestershire

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Grid Reference: SO 780445
In order to provide continuity with the entries for the stations at Great Malvern and Malvern Wells this page covers the whole of the area south of Great Malvern Station and north of Peachfield Road. Much of this area is open grassland known as Malvern Wells or Peachfield Common. Note that this is a separate entry for New Midland Sidings.

This Tim Farebrother photograph, which dates from about 1960, shows ex-GWR "Hall" class 4-6-0 steam locomotive No.4973 "Sweeney Hall" of Hereford shed approaching Great Malvern Station with a 'up' train possibly bound for Birmingham Snow Hill.  The photographer was standing at the south end of the station with Great Malvern Signal Box on the left hand side. This is a view looking towards Malvern Wells. The first road to pass under the railway as it heads south towards Malvern Wells is Clarence Road but photography has never been possible at tha spot.
After Clarence Road the next road to pass under the railway is Woodshears Road. Photography from this spot is next to impossible unless like in this view of class 66 diesel locomotive No.66536 there is a locomotive stopped in the one position from which a photograph is possible.  Photograph taken by Andrew Smith on 19th June 2016.
After Woodshears Road the line passes over Thirlstane Road and, at one time, it was possible to obtain an unrestricted view of the railway as seen in this photograph, taken by Tim Farebrother of Worcester's ex-GWR "Modified Hall" class 4-6-0 steam locomotive No.6989 "Wightwick  Hall".
On a sunny autumn day the late afternoon sun casts a long shadow off the signal in front of Network West Midlands livery class 150 3-car diesel multiple unit No.150015. The train is in the 'down' refuge loop which is used to stable stock from trains that terminate at Great Malvern.
There is a separate entry for New Midland Sidings where the ex-Midland Railway line to Ashchurch diverged towards Malvern Wells (Hanley Road) Station and Tewkesbury. Beyond the junction the line continues to Malvern Wells (GWR) Station. Ex-GWR "Castle" class 4-6-0 steam locomotive No.7002 "Devizes Castle" of Worcester shed (a recent transfer which had not yet had the attention of 85A's cleaners) has charge of the Hereford portion of the 'down' "Cathedrals Express".
Annotated view across Malvern Wells Common.
On 4th June 2011 Compass Tours used West Coast Train Company's class 47 diesel locomotive No.47825 as motive power on 'The Pennine and North East Explorer' special train (No.2X54) from Hereford (depart 06:20) to Durham. Robert Cooke photographed it bursting though Peachfield Road bridge as class 170/5 two-car diesel multiple unit No.170507 passed with the 06.40 London Midland service from Worcester Shrub Hill to Hereford.
Class 158/9 three-car diesel multiple unit No.158957 with the empty stock from the 08:59 Great Western Railway service from Brighton to Great Malvern is seen at Malvern Wells as train code 5V94 prior to setting back into Great Malvern to work the 1094, 14:50 to Weymouth service. Photographed by Andrew Smith on 7th March 2016.
The easiest spot at which to view the line as it approaches Malvern Wells is from the bridge over the railway at Poolbrook Road. There has always been a 'down' loop at this site for over 100 years, and it was renewed in 2016. Tim Farebrother's photograph above was taken near to the end of steam in the County in 1965 and shows a run down ex-GWR 2-8-0 steam locomotive, devoid of front number plate, taking water on a Hereford bound freight train.
Below: This photograph was also taken from the overbridge Peachfield Road and shows Freightliner livery class 66 diesel locomotives Nos.66513 and 66523 with a rail head treatment train on 15th November 2016.  Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.
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