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Great Western Railway

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On 20th September 2015 "First Great Western" was rebranded as "Great Western Railway".  Apart for the very slow appearance of trains repainted from the previous blue livery into a truly awful dark green there were no other changes to trains services (or lack of them) in the county.  The photograph, below, shows the first of the class 158 three-car hybrid diesel multiple units to be repainted on what is believed to be its first appearance in the county after its repaint. No.158956 was working the 08.59 from Brighton to Great Malvern and 14.50 return to Weymouth.  Andrew Smith photographed it at Malvern Link on the way to Great Malvern on 10th August 2016.
The First Great Western livery appeared at its best when freshly applied to class 43 'HST' power cars as seen in this photograph, taken by Andrew Smith, of No.43016 at Malvern Link with the 12.42 train from Paddington to Hereford (train code No.1W03).  The carriages are in the previous 'swirly stripes' blue livery. Photograph taken on Sunday 13th August 2017.
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