Railways in Worcestershire

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Train Drawings in 2010


It is pleasing to note that in the severely cash constrained times following the great economic crash of 2008-10 the local train operators found resources to fund the efforts of artists. We have so far found the following 'trains':

Spooky Savings Station Broomstick

The London Midland franchise started a useful promotion to increase revenue during school half-term holidays with a promotion called 'The Great Escape' offering tickets to anywhere on their network for a fixed sum. The advert above is for the period 23rd to 31st October 2010 and features a train stopping at 'Spooky Savings'. The whole effect being enhanced by the figure on the broomstick. Truly a spooky image and full marks to London Midland for the nice train also.

First Great western over 55s advert

The 'train' above is on the front of an advert by First Great Western promoting its 'Club 55' which offered discounted off-peak fares to amazingly people over 55 years of age. The Promotion ran from 20th September to 30th November 2010. Nice train too.

Train on front of LM Timtable

Whether this image started as a digital camera photograph or is artist drawn is not clear but certainly the intention was to create a wholly artificial train. To our minds this just looks a mess being neither a good photo nor a good drawing. Best consigned to history.

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