Railways in Worcestershire

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Hextons Quarry, Upper Arley


Grid References: Arley Wharf SO 753817; Hextons Quarry SO 758816

Hextons Quarry was operational for over many years, (by 1680 per Eric Pritchard notes on the history of Arley) as it contained a hard type of stone known as 'Red Free Stone' that was particularly suited for making millstones and grindstones. The nearby St Peter's Church in Upper Arley (parts of which date from the 12th century) used only stone from this quarry. The River Severn was navigable for barges and a wharf was built on the east bank of the river about 1½ miles north of Upper Arley.

The quarry was situated about a ½ mile to the east of the wharf. The quarry was on part of the Arley estate and the owner leased out the mineral rights.

A tramway (gauge unknown) was laid down probably by Mr R. Woodward to connect the quarry to the wharf but the dates when it was operational are not known.


Walks around Upper Arley, published by Worcestershire County Council and Upper Arley Parish Council. Walk No.8 is to Hextons Farm and the River Severn.

Eric Pritchard, Some Notes on the History of Arley, obtained from Upper Arley Church.

Eric Pritchard, A Brief History of St Peter's Church, Upper Arley, obtained from Upper Arley Church.

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