Railways in Worcestershire

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Class 153 railcars in Worcestershire


Seventy class 153 railcars were converted by Hunslet-Barclay at Kilmarnock from thirty-five (35) two-car class 155 diesel multiple units. The railcars carry Nos.52301 to 52335 and 57351 to 57385. The conversions took place in 1991/92, the two-car units having been built in 1987/88.


A primary duty for one of Tyseley's class 153 railcars was the frequent Centro service from Stourbridge Town to Stourbridge Junction. In its original BR livery No.153365 stands at Stourbridge Town Station. Photograph MIAC Copyright/Halcrow Fox collection.

No.153370 at Abbotswood

It was a bright and sunny day on 4th May 2011 when Robert Cooke photographed First Great Western class 153 single car railcar No.153370 passing Abbotswood with the 12:26 service from Southampton Central to Great Malvern. This duty must be a good candidate for the longest distance service ever operated by a single car railcar. After less than twenty minutes waiting time at Malvern Wells the unit made the same journey in the return direction.

No.153329 at Malvern Wells

A welcome rainstorm coincided with the arrival at Malvern Wells of First Great Western class 153 single car railcar No.153329 with the empty stock off the 12:26 First Great Western service from Southampton Central. The 'down' refuge siding contains more empty stock. In this case it is First Great Western class 166/2 three-car diesel multiple unit No.166204 which is waiting to return to Great Malvern to work the 17:00 service to London Paddington. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

No.153333 at Abbotswood

On 1st July 2011, the 15:28 First Great Western service from Warminster to Great Malvern (and 18:51 from Great Malvern to Weymouth) was worked by class 158 two-car diesel multiple unit No.158766 and class 153 single car railcar No.153333. The class 153 was on hire to First Great Western from London Midland Trains and this was the first reported visit of this unit to Worcestershire since the hire commenced in May 2011.


By 29th July 2011, when this photograph of No.153334 was taken by Andrew Smith, the sight of London Midland livery class 153 diesel railcars at Worcester Shrub Hill had become something of a rarity. However, a very clean No.153334 (and class 150 prototype No.150001), which arrived with the 17:51 service from Birmingham Moor Street, brightened up an otherwise dismal day. It was followed into the station by class 170/5 two-car diesel multiple unit No.170501 with the 18:19 service from Birmingham New Street, which was then coupled to the rear of No.170501 before (see below) the whole entourage proceeded to Worcester Depot for servicing.

Nos.170501, 150001 & 153334

Photograph taken by Robert Cooke.

No.153325 at Great Malvern

London Midland livery class 153 diesel multiple unit No.153325 at Great Malvern Station with the empty stock off the 12:27 First Great Western service from Southampton. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith on 16th August 2011.

This diesel railcar leaving Great Malvern Station is the empty stock (running as train code No.5T94 14.33 empty stock from Great Malvern to Great Malvern via a reversal at Malvern Wells). Amazing although it is the 13.01 all stations and halts from Yate to Great Malvern it had been coded as No.1G94. The single car was more than adequate though for the handful of passengers who alighted at Great Malvern. This train is normally scheduled as a three-car hybrid class 158 unit but whilst the line at Bristol Parkway was closed for electrification works these Great Malvern and south coast services ran only to and from Yate.  Photograph taken by Andrew Smith on Thursday 15th September 2017.
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