Railways in Worcestershire

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Oddities in Worcestershire


A few other types of locomotives have been seen in Worcestershire over the years, usually on the way to (or from) Long Marston - either Birds for scrapping or the former MoD site for storage or overhaul.

Keith Riley has provided these notes about class 17 diesel locomotive No.D8577 and diesel shunter class 04 No.D2215.

'Another unusual sighting I had in Worcester in 1969/70 was of Class 17 No.D8577 (Ex Haymarket) and Class 04 No.D2215 (ex Stratford) coupled together in the yard at the rear of Worcester Shrub Hill. I started spotting at the end of August 1969 and left Worcester in June 1970 when I moved with my family to live in Peterborough for nearly 3 years. That's how I know that I saw the Class 17 and the Class 04 between August 69 and June 70 but if you check some official records they state that D8577 was scrapped at Long Marston in March 1969 (or May 1969 - ACS) but this cannot be the case. I believe that I actually noted the two locomotives in the autumn of 1969 as I was not aware at the time of their rarity in Worcester. Several Class 17s were cut up by Long Marston but I have never seen any other records relating to any Class 17s in Worcester on their way to Bird's at Long Marston.'

I visited Birds at Long Marston in the summer of 1970 and recorded several bits of dismantled class 17's at Long Marston including one complete body unit but never saw any en-route - ACS.

A photo of D8577 at Long Marston dated as taken on the 29th February 1970 has been found on the internet - Keith Riley.

The Worcester Locomotive Society visited Long Marston on 28th June 1969 at which time Nos.D8547, D8560, D8570 and D8576 were on site. The WLS noted that Nos.D8556 and D8564 "arrived later". (Reference: The Big Four Magazine, Autumn 1969.)

Phil Bullock advises that during a visit to Worcester one lunch time in 1969 he saw three class 17's in the yard behind Shrub Hill Station. Unfortunately the numbers are not recorded but by process of elimination it is likely that Phil saw Nos.D8547, D8560 and D8576.

Elsewhere on the internet there are a few photographs that are relevant to this discussion. There is a photograph of the cab of No.D8564 on a trailer at Long Marston that looks very much like the same locomotive mentioned above as "one complete body unit". Also copy photographs of No.D8560 at Worcester in June 1969 have in the past been offered for sale - ACS.

D2215 was noted at Birds Long Marston on 23rd March 1970 - IRS NCB Master Records per ACS.

Nos.57007 and 57003

On 2nd June 2011 the Thursdays only service No.6M67, 13:12 from Bridgwater to Crewe flasks train, was unusually in the hands of class 57 diesel locomotives Nos.57007 and 57003. The class 57 locomotives were rebuilt by Brush of Loughborough from class 47's and retained the same body styling. No.57007 was previously No. 47332 whilst No.57003 had been No.47317. Andrew Smith photographed the train approaching Abbotswood Junction where it would take the line to Worcester.


In 1968 British Railways converted the 1956 Derby Works built 27 ton railcar No.79900 into a test vehicle (called IRIS) and renumbered it to No.RDB 975010.

Test coach IRIS at Droitwich

Test Coach IRIS was photographed by Richard Atkinson at Droitwich in 1992. The vehicle was later sold for preservation.

Nos37601 & 37038 at Croome

Above: Direct Rail Services livery class 37 diesel locomotives No.37601 and 37038 with three Network Rail coaches at Croome on Monday 27th June 2011. Photograph taken by Robert Cooke.

Below: After visiting South Wales the train returned north on Wednesday 29th June 2011 where it was photographed by Andrew Smith in the loop at Spetchley as Cross Country Trains livery class 170/1 diesel multiple unit No.170103 passed with the 14.45 service from Cardiff to Nottingham.

No.170103 with Nos.37038 & 37601 at Spetchley

No.142029 at Abbotswood

Class 142 'Pacer' two-car diesel multiple unit No.142029 passes Abbotswood on 11th July 2011. The unit was returning to Exeter having been repainted into First Great Western livery. This was one of seven 'Pacers' in use by First Great Western. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

Nos.6552 & 6503 at Worcester

On 6th May 1973 Pete Wilcox photographed this pair of class 33 diesel locomotives (Nos.6552 and 6502) at Worcester Depot.

Nos. 25175, 27036, 27019 and 27002

An unusual cavalcade of locomotives passed through Worcester on 6th May 1984 heading from Scotland to Swindon and comprised of Class 25 No.25175, towing class 27s Nos.27036, 27019 and 27002 with class 08 No.08570. Photograph taken by Steve Widdowson.

Issue No.2 of The Big Four published by the Worcester Locomotive contains a note that "a W.D. 0-6-0 Diesel shunter was at Malvern Link" (in November 1960). THe source of thisinformation is not noted and nothing further is known about this unusual sighting.

On Saturday 1st June 1957 Gerald Wadley recorded that he had seen green livery W.D. 0-6-0ST No.WD 188 at Worcester. The Industrial Railway Society state that this locomotive is Vulcan Fundry 5284 of 1947 which had been transferred from Bicester to the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway on 3rd May 1957.

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