Railways in Worcestershire

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The first major use of on-track plant in Worcestershire in 2019 took place over two weekends in May 2019. Colas Rail was the main contractor and it set up a major site at the Spetchley track access point.  Many items of on-track plant were used whilst trains were replaced by buses or diverted through Worcester.  At Spetchley, Colas provide site works offices, rest rooms and toilets etc using a variety of portable buildings.  The position of these buildings and the plethora of plant and equipment on the site made for difficult photography but once items started being removed on Monday 20th May 2019 Andrew Smith was able to take the photographs below.
(Above).  These two photographs show a pair of Readypower Railway Services general purpose road-rail excavators. On the left if FR684 and on the right is FR682 (940880).
(Below). On the left is No.903313-7 and the right hand photograph shows sections of old sleepers and track that had been replaced by new.
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