Railways in Worcestershire

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Worcester Shrub Hill - 11/2/2010


All photographs on this page were taken by and are the copyright of Andrew Smith unless otherwise credited.

WORCESTER SHRUB HILL - 11th February 2010

This is a log of trains seen during a two hour period of observation from 10:45 on a typical weekday.

158748 - 10:51 Great Malvern to Brighton (First Great Western service).


Class 158 diesel multiple unit No.158748 sets out from Worcester Shrub Hill on its marathon journey to Brighton.

170507 + 153334 - 11:15 Worcester Foregate Street to Dorridge (diverted service).

166212 - 09:21 London Paddington to Worcester Foregate Street and 12:04 return.


Class 166 'Network Turbo Express' diesel multiple unit No.166212 waits to depart for London Paddington via Evesham.

150278 - 09:10 Southampton to Great Malvern and 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth.

Arriva Trains Wales Logo


A little known service operated by 'Arriva Trains Wales' or rather 'renau Arriva Cymru' which presumably means the same thing passes Tyseley based unit No.150005. If ever there was a case for all traction being in a common livery then this is it. The service to Weymouth is actually operated by First Great Western.

150132 + 150214 - arrived empty at 11:00 to form the 13:16 Worcester Shrub Hill to Dorridge.


Formerly parts of units Nos.150006 and 150022 but again operating as No.150214 stands in the bay platform at Worcester Shrub Hill before operating a service to Dorridge.

150005 - 10:22 Shirley to Worcester Shrub Hill and 13:47 return.


Just beyond the other end of class 150 diesel multiple unit No.150005 is a set of points that will allow the train to gain access to platform one in order that it can operate a service to Dorridge.

43015 & 43198 - 10:22 London Paddington to Hereford.


A fine set of signals is behind class 43 power car No.43015 as it prepares to set off for Hereford. The stabling point as usual is empty during the working day.

All of the photographs above were taken with a mobile phone.

WORCESTER SHRUB HILL -17th August 2010

Worcester Shrub Hill sign

158950 150102

Just visible on platform 1 is the rear part of the First Great Western hybrid three-car class 158 diesel multiple unit No.158950 on the 08:00 service from Brighton to Great Malvern. On platform 2 is a pair of London Midland's class 150 two-car diesel multiple units with car No.57102 (from unit No.150102) at the front. The rear most class 150 set is No.150106. This train was as correctly indicated waiting to take the 14:47 service from Shrub Hill to Shirley via Kidderminster. It had previously worked the 12:46 service from Dorridge to Shrub Hill.

Seat at Worcester Shrub Hill

The lavish passenger facilities at the poorly situated platform three at Shrub Hill consisted of this seat which is at least under shelter. The tracks in the goods yard had been cleared of weeds but ZDA wagon No.973422 (on right) continueds to sit quietly as it had done for many years (see 2006). The yellow item of plant is a Stoneblower machine.


An ominous black cloud hovers over Worcester's diesel multiple unit depot (on the left hand side beyond the signals) as London Midland's Network West Midlands branded class 150 three-car hybrid unit No.150015 awaits its next duty. The cloud should have warned race goers that a little known horse called 'Western Pride' was about to win at Worcester Races at odds of 66 to 1, thus handing all of the punters hard-earned cash to the bookmakers. Sadly no BR Western Region excursion bookings were being taken:

Worcester Races advert

FGW No.43004

The apt name of 'First' carried by First Great Western HST power car No.43004 seen leaving platform 1 at Shrub Hill on the 14:34 service from Great Malvern to London Paddington. Although nominally rostered for an HST this service was seen later the same week being worked by a class 166 diesel multiple unit.

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