Railways in Worcestershire

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Sevent Trent Malvern


Grid Reference: SO 795455

This location was a storage yard at Hall Green on the north side of Guarlford Road that goes from Great Malvern to Upton-upon-Severn. Three locomotives, about forty Hudson wagons and some track were stored here for many years and used occasionally on riverbank repair work. The locomotives were narrow gauge (2'0") and part of a fleet of eleven purchased by the River Severn Catchment Board. The Severn River Authority took over the assets of the River Severn Catchment Board in 1950 including six of the locomotives (the remaining five having been sold in 1948). The locomotives, trucks and track were kept at a works at Maisemore in Gloucestershire. Two more were scrapped in 1951 and another sold in 1955 leaving the three listed below that were moved to Malvern where they were first noted in February 1968. They were used occasionally on difficult jobs for which dumper trucks could not be used. They were stored at Hall Green in working order until they were sold in 1973/74. The site was sold for housing.


This is Ruston & Hornsby No.193974 of 1938 at Hall Green, Malvern on 30th December 1973. This was a Class 16/20HP (later 20DL) locomotive and was one of over a thousand similar machines built at the Boultham Works in Lincoln between 1937 and 1963. Photograph taken by Robert Pritchard.


L10 4wDM Ruston & Hornsby 181820 of 1936 (sold for preservation 2/2/1973)

L9 4wDM Ruston & Hornsby 193974 of 1938 (sold 4/1974)

L5 4wDM Ruston & Hornsby 198241 of 1939 (sold 4/1973)

All were delivered new to the Severn River Authority.

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