Railways in Worcestershire

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Barnt Green Station


Grid Reference SP 006736

Barnt Green

Barnt Green is one of the largest unstaffed stations in England with four platforms on two different lines.

Worcester lines

In the 2011/12 timetable, up to six passenger trains per hour pass non-stop through Platform One. The nicely painted black livery passenger shelter on Platform 1 waits forlornly for trade but alas only two trains per day stop at this platform (and two also stop at Platform Two). Photograph taken by Andrew Smith on 23rd March 2011.

Redditch lines

This photograph was taken from the passenger footbridge and shows the two platforms on the electric railway line to Redditch. Train departed every thirty minutes to both Redditch and Birmingham. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith on 15th October 2001.

No.220116 at Brant Green

On 7th September 2006, class 220/1 'Voyager' five-car diesel multiple unit No.221116 passes through Platform 1 with a Virgin Trains service.

Nos.323203 & 323214 at Barnt Green

The 09:47 service from Four Oaks to Redditch was formed of class 323 electric multiple units Nos.323203 and 323214 when photographed by Andrew Smith approaching Barnt Green Station on 23rd March 2011.

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