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Ivy Scar Rock Malvern


Grid Reference: SO 773462

Ivy Scar Rock Quarry

The Ivy Scar Rock is one of the most popular spots on the hills for visitors affording as it does fine views over Great Malvern to the Cotswold Hills. The site is one of the most popular walks on the hills from North Malvern to St Anne's Well. The photograph above is taken from an old postcard in the collection of Andrew Smith.

From the North Quarry car park a path leads from the southern end past the entrance to Scar Quarry. The Ivy Scar Rock is about 400 yards along this path. The quarry can also be accessed by the path leading north from St Anne's well.

Scar Rock Quarry

Scar Rock Quarry

The photographs above were taken by Andrew Smith on 30th September 2002 and clearly show the angular lines where stone has probably been quarried from the Ivy Scar Rock.

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