Railways in Worcestershire

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  Grid Reference: SO 910833
Stourbridge Junction Station was opened on its current site in 1901. There is a short branch line (opened by the GWR on 1st October 1879) from Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town.

The photograph above shows Collett 2-6-2 tank engine locomotive No.5167 at Stourbridge on 20th April 1952. The photograph was taken by G.P. Roberts, by courtesy of the Industrial Railway Society.

The current station at Stourbridge Junction replaced the original one that was about 400 yards to the north where the line to Birmingham leaves the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway line to Wolverhampton via Dudley. The first station opened in 1852 and closed when the new station was opened on 1st October 1901. At the same time the branch to Stourbridge Town was realigned to face south into a bay platform at the new station instead of turning north to the old station.

Parry No.139002

The use of the class 153's on the Stourbridge Town shuttle trains ceased in June 2009 with the introduction of two of these class 139 machines. No.139002 is seen arriving at Stourbridge Junction on 11th February 2010. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith. Further information about them can be found on the makers' web site at www.parrypeoplesmovers.com.

Stourbridge new shed

This building which accommodates a single track houses the class 139 single-car railcars. It is located at the end of the Stourbridge Town branch platform and means that the entire branch can be operated without any need to venture onto the former Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway main line. On Saturday 11th June 2011 No.139002 was inside the building. The track runs through the shed for a short distance to a buffer stop. Photograph taken by Adrian Booth.

Centro class 150 diesel multiple unit No.150002 stands at platform 3. The original G.W.R. platform canopies were replaced as part of a sympathetic rebuilding of the station in the 1970s. Photographs taken by Andrew Smith on 26th September 2001.

Here are four photographs taken in a rainstorm on Thursday 18th November 2004.

Stourbridge Station

Class 150 dmu No.150006 approaching from Lye with a train for Worcester.

150003 &  150006

Notice that both of the dmu's in this photograph are fitted with mini snowploughs. No.150006 is on the 12:22 from Leamington to Worcester Foregate Street whilst No.150003 has charge of the 13:23 from Kidderminster to Shirley.


Class 153 dmu No.153383 waits to depart with the 13:37 to Stourbridge Town.


This class 60 locomotives is No.60044 in 'Mainline' livery. It is seen passing Stourbridge Junction on a freight from Round Oak.

One of the great delights of visiting the same station over many years is to see how things have changed between visits. Sometimes these are for the better but all too often they are not. It was pleasing therefore to see that in the two years since the visit in 2004 things had markedly improved.

New Bridge at Stourbridge

The first visible sign of improvement was this impressive new pedestrian bridge from a car park on the opposite side of the road to the main station car park. This was much needed as the previous car park was often full.

Signal Box at Stourbridge

The GWR built Stourbridge Junction Middle Signal Box (plus those at Kidderminster, Hartlebury and Blakedown) was closed in August 2012. Andrew Smith took this photograph on 1st December 2012.


Centro livery class 150 No.52103 (part of set No.150003) departs from Stourbridge Junction with the 10:54 to Shirley.

This is former Anglia Railways class 150 dmu No.57227, which had been leased to Central Trains in a deal financed by Centro.


Another innovation was the electronic passenger displays, here telling passengers that class 153 dmu No.57371 (153371) was shortly to depart with the 11:07 to Stourbridge Town.


Central Trains repainted many Centro livery class 150s in this new livery and No.57202 had become part of a three-car set No.150009

Parry People  Mover notice

Another new initiative was the use of the Parry People Mover type PPM-50 (No.999900) Sunday services.

Parry People mover

The PPM-50 had its own engine shed complete with purple doors but no roof.


Class 150 dmu No.57102 is in charge of the 11:21 to Worcester.

GWR seat at Stourbridge Junction

It was nice to note that not everything had changed at Stourbridge. This original GWR seat was tastefully painted in chocolate and cream.

BR Seat at Stourbridge

And on the other platform were a pair of seats with BR (W) emblems.


This is Centro livery class 150 dmu car No.57105.


A few class 150 dmu's retained their former Centro livery as represented by No.52202 on the 11:38 to Worcester.

On 19th May 2021 the Stourbridge Junction to Town shuttle was being operated by class 139 diesel railcar No.139001 complete with Covid livery and signs. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.  
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