Railways in Worcestershire

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Class 103 diesel multiple units in Worcestershire


The class 103 two-car diesel multiple units although branded as 'Park Royal' were actually built at the Crossley Motor Works in Stockport. There were twenty units each consisting of a Driving Motor Brake Second (DMBS) with fifty-two second class seats (Nos.M50395 to 50414) and a Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory (DTCL)(56150 to 56169) with sixteen first class and forty-eight second class seats and toilets.

Starting in 1958 the London Midland Region's Monument Lane diesel depot in the Birmingham had an allocation of these units (the rest went to Chester) and they were often seen working from Birmingham New Street to Barnt Green and Redditch.

Class 103 dmu at Worcester Foregate Street

'Park Royal' two-car diesel multiple unit (cars Nos.M56151 [far] and M50403 [near]) leaving Worcester Foregate Street on 17th June 1966. Since this picture was taken this view has changed considerably. Items no longer to be seen at Foregate Street include the class 103 units, the linside hut and sign at the end of the platform, the large station sign, the toilets the two fire buckets and the loudspeakers. The gas holder has also been demolished. The Worcester Royal Grammar School pupil emerging from the toilets is shielding his eyes from the sun and sadly cannot be identified. The large advert suggests the use of Midland Red buses to visit Drayton Manor Park whilst another advocates drinking Whitbread Pale Ale.

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