Railways in Worcestershire

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In 2015 the Worcester Locomotive Society negotiated the loan of over 200 black and white photographs taken by Tim Farebrother at various well-known locations in Worcestershire. This page shows a small selection of these historic photographs.
Above: Churchward designed ex-GWR "2800" class 2-8-0  No.3827 of Newport (Ebbw Junction) Shed taking it easy on the down gradient at Malvern Wells shortly after passing through the tunnel under the Malvern Hills. At the time in the late 1950s this class of locomotive was often seen at Malvern.
Below: This is the down "Cathedrals Express" at Malvern Wells Station with "Castle" class No.4089 "Donnington Castle" of Worcester Shed in charge. This locomotive spent eighteen months at Worcester in 1959 and 1960.
Above: Hawksworth's "Modified Hall" or "6959" class was a modernised version of the "Hall" class designed by Collett in the 1920s. These powerful locomotives were often used on the fastest passenger trains between Worcester and London or, as here, on a short departmental train. This example is No.6984 "Owsden Hall" which spent much of its working life allocated to Worcester Shed.
Below: "5100" class 2-6-2 tank engine No.4142, a Worcester engine from May 1958 to July 1960, in immaculate condition at Malvern Wells Station.  In the background is the former Malvern Wells Shed (since demolished) with the signalman looking out from his box on the far right hand side of the photograph.
Above: Far from its home at Leeds (Holbeck) Shed ex-LMSR "Jubilee" class 4-6-0 express passenger Locomotive No.45639 "Raleigh" has charge of a special train at Malvern Wells.
Below: BR "Standard" class 4 No.75003 of Worcester Shed with three non-corridor carriages at Malvern Wells. This locomotive had two spells at Worcester and this photogrpah was taken about 1959 during its first period in the county.
Above: "R.O.D" class No.3044 seems to be making heavy weather of the stiff climb from Great Malvern to Malvern Wells.
Below: A BR "Britannia" class 4-6-0 express passenger locomotive, probably, No.70018 "Flying Dutchman" of Cardiff (Canton) Shed on the climb from Great Malvern towards the tunnel at Malvern Wells.
Above: Saltley based ex-LMSR "Black 5" class 4-6-0 No.44818 was a familiar visitor to the county. The driver is looking back along the train for the signal to depart from Great Malvern Station towards Worcester.
Below: Worcester's "Castle" class 4-6-0 locomotive No.5091 "Cleeve Abbey" was at 85A from April 1958 to August 1960.  Tim took this photograph outside the back of the "Washout" or "Goods" shed at its home depot.  This locomotive was a rebuild of "Star" class No.4072.
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