Railways in Worcestershire

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Tower Manufacturing Co Ltd, Worcester


In 1900 the Tower Manufacturing Co Ltd took over the premises formerly used by W.Clemens Abell & Co and Marshall & Co in Tolladine Road. The company who were nail manufacturers had been established in Wales in 1894.

They continued to use the private sidings that were on the east side of the GWR ' Vinegar Works' branch.

The company moved to Diglis, Worcester in 1970.

The Tower Manufacturing Co Ltd building is still in use and is now a part of Shrub Hill Industrial Estate and access is from the Shrub Hill end past the can factory of Thos. Tomasson & Co Ltd.

A map of the local area can be found here.

Clemens Abell & Co, location 'D'

This is a view looking north towards Tolladine Road. The Tower Manufacturing Co Ltd building (originally W.Clemens Abell & Co, Worcester Wagon Repairing Works) is at the top right of the photograph). The new brick building at the top of the photograph is built on the trackbed of the Worcester Engine Works Company Limited branch line. This is location 'D' on the map.

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