Railways in Worcestershire

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On Saturday 11th March 2017 ex-GWR "Castle" class steam locomotive No.5043 "Earl of Mount Edgcombe" passed through the county with "The Red Dragon" (07.03 from Tyseley to Cardiff).  Owen Morris photographed the train at Wylds Lane, Worcester (above left) and Steve Widdowson at Shrub Hill (above right).

On 25th March 2017 Steve Widdowson photographed ex-GWR "Castle" class locomotive No.5043 passing the "Metal Box" factory, with train code No.1Z43, 0930 from Tyseley to Hereford
via Cheltenham, and then returning via Shrewsbury. The semaphore signal in this picture is expected to be the next to be removed in 2017.
Class 37 diesel locomotives Nos.37069 and 37716 in Worcester Yard operating the Pathfinder Tours 'Everywhere Again' tour, final leg (train code No.1Z77) from Long Marston to Crewe. By this stage the charter was running an hour late due to problems that occurred in the Long Marston area.  Photograph taken by Owen Morris on 1st April 2017.
Sadly the Pathfinder Tours class 37 booked railtour from Worcester Shrub Hill via Hereford to Penzance proved to be a big disappoinment as the train left Worcester over one hour late and steadily lost time all the way to Penzance arrives there two and a half hours late, just in time for its scheduled return to Worcester.  The photographs show the intended traction DRS livery class 37s No.37069 and 37059 together with class 66 diesel locomotive No.66426.
No.37069 failed at Worcester and the train left with No.37059 leaving No.66426 behind.   Logic would have suggested that the class 66 should have taken the train, more so when No.37059 failed and was replaced by Freightliner livery class 66 diesel Locomotive No.66525 which took the train from Bristol to Penzance and back to Worcester including No.37059 as dead weight.
Photographs taken by Steve Widdowson.

Owen Morris took this superb photograph of a convoy of preserved diesel locomotives lead by the Severn Valley Railway's English Electric built class diesel locomotive No.50049 "Defiance" with no less than three other class 50s (Nos. 50007 "Hercules", 50044 "Exeter" and 50035 "Ark Royal) and "Western" class 52 diesel hydraulic No.D1015.  The train was photographed on 30th August 2017 at Wylds Lane, Worcester enroute from Kidderminster to Old Oak Common.
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