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Class 158/9 dmus in Worcestershire


One hundred and seventy (172) two-car diesel multiple units of class 158/0 were built at BREL Derby during the period from 1989 to 1992. They can be found all across the UK railway network. The class 158/9 variant contained 3 cars from class 158/0 units. In essence a class 158/0 unit being broken in two with one half going to strengthen another class 158/0 unit.

No.158796 at Worcester Foregate Street

On 22nd August 2006 class 158/9 diesel multiple unit No.158964 was at Worcester Foregate Street Station. The train is in the livery of Wessex Trains but by this time this was a First Great Western service. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

No.158956 at Great Malvern

On 19th August 2010 First Great Western class 158/9 diesel multiple unit No.158956 consisting of car No.52748 (from No.158748) and all of No.158768 was photographed at Great Malvern Station. The unit had arrived from Brighton and after reversal at Malvern Wells formed the 14:51 from Great Malvern to Weymouth. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

No.158956 at Worcester

This is also No.158956 but this time operating as a two-car class 158 diesel multiple unit (without No.52748) presumably because First Great Western was experiencing a temporary shortage of serviceable units. Photographed by Andrew Smith at Worcester Shrub Hill on 18th March 2011.

No.158952 at Great Malvern

Class 158/9 three-car unit No.158952 waits for right time at Great Malvern Station before departing with the 14:51 First Great Western service to Weymouth. Class 170 two-car unit No.170508 is at Platform 2 on the 13:49 service from Birmingham New Street to Hereford. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

No.158798 at Worcester Shrub Hill

This former Heaton based three-car class 158 consisting of car Nos.52798, 58715 (from set No.158715) and 58798 carried set No.158798 when seen at Worcester Shrub Hill Station on the 14:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth service on 22nd January 2011. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith

First Great Western (later Great Western Railway) created twelve three-car class 158/9s numbered from 158950 to 158961.  The following photographs show ten different examples of the class.

No.158950 at Abbotswood on 25th June 2014.

No.158951 at Malvern Common on 28th March 2015.

No.158952 at Great Malvern on 21st January 2013.

No.158954 at Worcester Shrub Hill on 4th February 2014.

No.158955 at Malvern Wells on 1st November 2010.

No.158956 at Croome on 13th January 2012.

No.158957 at Abbotswood on 5th March 2011.

No.158958 at Abbotswood on 16th April 2014.

No.158960 at Abbotswood on 18th March 2014.

No.158961 at Worcester Foregate Street on 19th January 2016.
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