Railways in Worcestershire

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Air Ministry Hartlebury


Grid Reference: SO 855695

During the Second World War, there was a large Air Ministry site just to the south of Hartlebury station on the east side of the main line. Many locomotives worked here for short periods. The rail system closed in April 1974.

The following diesels locomotives are known to have been used here:

No.144 0-4-0DM Barclay 333 of 1938 (from new but gone by 1957)

No.146 0-40D Hudswell Clarke D610 of 1939 (from about 1960 to about 1964)

No.158 0-4-0D Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn 6980 of 1940 (here in 1951)

No.212 0-4-0DM Fowler 22959 of 1941 (from 1953 to 27/3/1974)

No.216 0-4-0DM Fowler 22963 of 1941 (from new to scrapped 1970)

No.217 0-4-0DM Fowler 22964 of 1941 (from new to 1964)

No.221 0-4-0DM Fowler 22968 of 1942 (from 1960 to 8/1974)

No.268 0-4-0DM Fowler 23009 of 1941 (from 10/1970 to 8/1974)

No.269 0-4-0DM Fowler 23010 of 1945 (from new to 8/1974)

No.212 was transferred to an Air Ministry site in Stafford on 27th March 1974. It travelled under between sites under its own power via Stourbridge and Wednesbury.

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