Railways in Worcestershire

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In connection with work to improve visibility of the signals and for ballast laying there were numerous overnight possessions at Newland East Signal Box and the Stocks Lane Level Crossing during June 2017. On the morning of Thursday 15th June 2017 Andrew Smith was able to take this photograph of No.940674-3 (TMX Plant's No.6893).  This is a Liebherr Elite Plus road/railer upgraded by Alan Hargreaves Plant Enginners Ltd.
On Sunday 25th June 2017 a daytime possession at Newland East Level Crossing (plus some earlier overnight possessions) saw four items of track plant stabled alongside the signal box.  The reason for the possession seems to have been the installation of a lighting column and other work to improve visibility.  The photograph show TXM Plant Ltd' s Liebherr road-railer Nos. 7017 (Network Rail number 940714-7) which had joined 940674-3. Photographs taken by Andrew Smith,
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