Railways in Worcestershire

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Newland Halt


Grid Reference: SO 795497

Newland Halt opened on 18th March 1929 on either side of a level crossing to the east of Malvern Link on the route to Worcester. Later it served sidings and a permanent way depot (home to Nos. PWM650 and PWM654 for many years).

Newland Halt closed on 3rd April 1965 but the signal box (Newland East) remained open to serve the Stocks Lane Level Crossing.

No.37298 & No.45066 at Newland

The 'down' platform was on the left hand side of this photograph of an engineering train from Great Malvern traversing the crossing to regain the 'up' line towards Worcester. The train is being hauled by class 37 diesel locomotive No.37298 with class 45 diesel locomotive No.45066 coupled inside. Partially visible behind the class 45 is yellow livery diesel shunter No.97654 (ex No.PWM654). The site of the permanent way sidings is in the middle of the photograph to the rear of the class 37. Photograph taken by Robert Cooke on 17th July 1983.

No.43191 at Newland

Newland East Signal Box is situated just to the Malvern side of the level crossing. Class 43 'HST' 125 power car No.43191 is approaching the level crossing with the 15:11 First Great Western service from Hereford to London Paddington. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith on 10th May 2011.


During the period when Western Region class 50 diesel locomotives dominated the London Paddington to Hereford express trains, unnamed No.50038 is at the head of a 'down' train passing the site of 'up' platform at Newland Halt. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith on 3rd June 1978.

Newland looking east with No.166206

The Worcester bound platform was on the left of this picture. Where the mast stands there was formerly a siding on the right of this picture as can be seen in this photograph from 1966. Class 166 three-car diesel multiple unit No.166206 had charge of the 13:19 First Great Western service from London Paddington to Great Malvern. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith on 10th May 2011.

No.66167 at Newland

On 1st April 2012 EWS livery class 66 diesel locomotive No.66167 had charge of a very mixed trains of wagons carrying new metal sleepers which were unloaded by on track plant machines. The site of Newland Halt is below the radio beacon on the right hand side of the photograph. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

No.180108 near Newland

Class 180 'Adelante' five car diesel multiple unit No.180108 looks immaculate as it passes the site of Newland Halt on the 11.20 from London Paddington to Great Malvern First Great Western service (train code No.1W29). The train passed the photographer at 13.50 indicating a right time arrival at its next station stop at Malvern Link. Photograph taken by Robert Pritchard on 15th January 2013.

Class 170 two-car diesel multiple unit No.170516 leads another unit of the same class as it passes Newland with the 13.50 from Birmingham New Street to Hereford (train code No.1V28). The units are in the livery of West Midland Trains.
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