Railways in Worcestershire

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Charlton Sidi;ngs


Grid Reference: SP 005465)

Charlton sidings were between Fladbury and Evesham adjacent to Fernhill farm.

The signal box here was a brick built GWR standard signal box on the 'up' side, with a crossover from the 'up' line to the down line and four short sidings on the 'down' side that were long enough for about ten wagons. There was a short shunting neck and from the back road there was a connection to a track that went across fields towards Charlton. The fruit growers would hitch up a horse or tractor and take the wagon their farms to load and then bring back in time for the evening pick up. From Charlton village a lane called 'Siding Lane' leads to the site of the sidings.

These notes kindly provided by Douglas Carver.


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