OTP 2021 - Railways in Worcestershire

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OTP 2021

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Two TMX Plant Ltd "Predator" type flat wagons were at the St Andrews Road plant depot in Malvern on Tuesday 24th February 2021 together with bags of ballast and two portable cabins. The two wagons had gone by 27th but by Tuesday 2nd March 2021 another TMX Plant item had arrived (below) this being Liebherr road/railer No.6882 (940671-9).

By the following day, Wednesday 3rd March 2021, the road-railer had been joined by one of the two "Predator" flat wagons (020024-4).

Quattro Rexquote road/railer No.940414-6 at Malvern Wells (St Andrews Road) Plant Depot on Frday 5th March 2021. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

St Andrews Road Plant Depot at Malvern Wells was used as a base for a point replacement project on Sunday 11th April 2021.  The photograph shows three Quattro road/rail excavators in the 911xxx series. No.911151-7 is promient in the photograpgh with No.911149-1 on the right and 911152-5 behind. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.
Buses replaced trains between Worcester and Hereford over the weekend on 22nd/23rd May 2021 to allow the points at the start of the single-track section between Malvern Wells and Ledbury to be replaced.
The two photographs below show items of on-track plant at the railway access point and plant depot at St Andrews Road, Malvern.  Both photographs (below) were taken by Andrew Smith.
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