Railways in Worcestershire

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Mick Rock’s Locomotive Observations



Visiting locomotives seen from Railway Walk Worcester which overlooks the locomotive depot and main lines to and From Birmingham.

A snapshot of some of the engines I happened to see above Tunnel Junction Signal Box and its environs, where one could see locos arriving and departing from the shed as well as trains both freight and passenger passing. As a point of reference in between trains/movements a group of us would play football on some convenient waste land deploying our skills with a tennis ball, which on occasions would sail over the railway fence to that grave yard for tennis balls, at the base of the cutting some 40ft below. Such circumstances often lead to a sudden end to our games due to a lack of!

19th April 1960

2839(86A); 2867(86C); 3821 (84F); 5065(81A) Newport Castle;5990(87E) Dorford Hall; 6111(81F); 44092(21A); 44580(21A); 90579(86C)

20th April 1960

2895(86C); 3830(86A); 5929(87E) Hanham Hall; 5980(85B) Dingley Hall 6926(84B) Holkham Hall; 6956(84A) Mottram Hall; 7918(84E) Rhose Wood Hall; 9470(84G); 3122(21A); 44571(21A); 45282((5A); 45570(41C) New Zealand; 45656(41C) Cochrane; 48734(5B); 61327(41A); 90572(86C)

21st April 1960

2895(86C); 3816(86C); 3835(86C); 5900(84A) Hinderton Hall;5957(81D) Hutton Hall; 6366 (82C); 42764(15B); 44667(17A); 48607(18A); 75021(86C)

22nd April 1960

2885(84F); 4921(81F); Eaton Hall; 4925(81C) Eynsham Hall; 4937(87E) Lanelay Hall; 5017(85B) The Gloucestershire Regiment 28>th-61>st; 5322(81E); 5958(84G) Knolton Hall; 6304(81E); 6345(86G); 6863(84B) Dolhywel Grange; 6977(**) Grundisburgh Hall

23rd April 1960

1142(84G); 2856(84E); 2861(86A); 2865(82C);3809(86C); 3833(86A); 4957(84B) Postlip Hall; 6857(84B) Tudor Grange; 6918(87E) Sandon Hall; 6991(81C) Acton Burnell Hall; 7907(82A) Hart Hall; 42903(21A); 44463(21A); 44966(21A); 48351(21A)

24th April 1960

2837(86C); 3816 (86C); 4125(81F); 5331(84G); 6850 (**) Cleeve Grange; 42824((17B); 42827(21A); 48339(21A); 48361(18A)

25th April 1960

D2139 (**); 2889(86C); 3826(86G); 4168(84F); 5954(81A) Faendre Hall; 6634(86G); 6815(83B) Frilford Grange; 9766((87B); 44839(17A); 45272(21A); 48450(82B); 73012(82C); 73065(41C)

26th April 1960

2292(86E); 3831(84E); 3859 (86G); 4078(87E); Pembroke Castle; 4903(81F); Astley Hall; 4918(82B) Dartington Hall; 4986(84A) Albrighton Hall; 5380(81E); 5902(87F) Howick Hall; 5965(81F) Woollas Hall; 6360((82B); 6804(82B) Brockington Grange; 8425(**); 42761(21A); 44168(21A); 44660(21A); 44735(26A)

27th April 1960

3859(86G); 4903(81F); Astley Hall 5082(81A) Swordfish; 6965(83C) Thirlestone Hall; 6978(81A) Haroldstone Hall; 7331(**); 9435(84A); 44764(5A); 45594(41C); 48184(18A); 92226(84C)

2nd May 1960

2854(85B); 3609(85B); 3817(86C); 5187(84A); 5939(87G) Tangley Hall

3 May 1960

3825(84F); 3840(83A); 5921(84C) Bingley Hall; 7027(81A) Thornbury Castle; 42767(17B); 92226(84C)

4th May 1960

5934(**) Kneller Hall; 6861(84E) Crynant Grange; 6916(85C) Misterton Hall; 7010(81A) Avondale Castle; 48410(82B); 48434(82B)

5th May 1960

5746(81E); 6920(81A) Barningham Hall; 6961(81A) Stedham Hall; 7001(81A) Sir James Milne; 48436 (82B); 48687(21A)

6th May 1960

3640(86G); 3813(84B); 3843(86C); 3852(86E); 4988(82B) Bulwell Hall; 5950(82A) Wardley Hall; 42764(15B); 43644(21A); 44839(17A); 48404(82B); 90676(86A)

9th May 1960

4965(81E) Rood Ashton Hall; 5912(84E); Queens Hall 5951(85B) Clyffe Hall; 44812(**); 90356(81C)

11th May 1960

5057(81A) Earl Waldegrave; 5076(82A) Gladiator 5336(**); 5930(84C) Hannington Hall; 5986(82C) Arbury Hall; 6123(81D); 6374(82B); 42137(15C); 43963(21A); 45446(5A)

12th May 1960

2895(86C); 4951(84B) Pendeford Hall; 6685(86G); 43047(21A); 48351(21A)

14th May 1960

3693(84E); 4910(87E) Blaisdon Hall; 5311(82A); 42818(17B); 45277(14B); 48669(21A)

15th May 1960

3829(84B); 6338(86E); 6678(84F); 7033(81A) Hartlebury Castle; 7314(87F); 42340(21B); 48451(9D); 48475(82B)

17th May 1960

4939(81E) Littleton Hall; 4994(81E) Downton Hall; 9650(86G); 42764(15B); 45669(1B) Fisher; 61051(41A); 73054(82E)

18th May 1960;

2819(84B); 3703(86G); 44983; 48450(82B); 73160(55E)

20th May 1960

3839(84E); 7233(86A); 7315(84C); 8729(**); 42859(9B); 43048(15B)


Monday 16th October 1961

D39; 2885; 2890; 3855; 4175; 5008;Raglan Castle 5330; 5939 Tangley Hall; 5984;Linden Hall; 6926 Holkham Hall; 6975 Capesthorne Hall; 43111; 44812; 45648 Wemyss; 46103 The Royal Fusilier; 73031; 73092

Wednesday 18th October 1961

D94; D100; 3766; 7910 Hown Hall; 46118 Royal Welch Fusilier; 73015; 73092

Thursday 19th October 1961

D98; D114; 3200; 6836 Estevarney Grange; 46106 Gordon Highlander; 46132 The Kings Regiment Liverpool

Friday 20th October 1961

D33; D96; D102; 2849; 2861; 5007 Rougemont Castle; 6845 Paviland Grange; 73171; 90069; 90313

Saturday 21st October 1961

D30; 2818; 7014 Caerhays Castle; 42771; 45346; 46123 Royal Irish Fusilier; 90065; 92219

Sunday 22nd October 1961

D31; D36; D40; 3810; 4085 Berkeley Castle; 5518; 6933 Birtles Hall; 6953 Leighton Hall; 48164; 48176; 90284

Wednesday 25th October 1961

D85; 4622; 3825; 5990; Dorford Hall; 6960 Raveningham Hall; 7808 Cookham Manor; 44765

Thursday 26th October 1961

D14; D75; 5053 Earl Cairns; 5939 Tangley Hall; 6810 Blakemere Grange; 44818; 45579 Punjab; 45618 New Hebrides; 46162 Queens Westminster Rifleman; 48706; 92213

Friday 27th October1961

2211; 3829; 3854; 5980; 7020 Gloucester Castle;7238; 45221

Saturday 28th October 1961

6833 Calcot Grange; 43012; 44919; 45610; Ghana

Sunday 29th October 1961

2211; 4913 Baglan Hall; 6984 Linden Hall; 7032 Denbigh Castle; 43036; 48331 92232

Monday 30th October 1961

D119; D124; 5399; 6833 Calcot Grange; 7032 Denbigh Castle; 7238; 73003

Tuesday 31st October 1961

D88; 4621; 6904 Charfield Hall; 45342; 46147 The Northamptonshire Regiment; 48444; 92201

Mick Rock, Exeter, 2007

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