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Victoria Bridge, Bewdley


Grid Reference: SO 766793

The foundation stone of the bridge over the Severn was laid on 24th November 1859. The bridge was named 'Victoria Bridge' in honour of the Queen. It was cast and erected by the Coalbrookdale Company.

It was repaired by the SVR in September 1979. This work was completed in time for reopening on 1st March 1980.

Victoria Bridge

The Victoria bridge is easily accessed by walkers but you would be well advised to choose a day of less inclement weather unless you like being drenched as it involves a long walk alongside the river. By train it is best to go Arley and then walk down to the river and cross to the east bank. From here a footpath goes alongside the river to eventually pass under the bridge. You can continue from here as far as the reservoirs before crossing the railway and heading west through a wood back to Arley. There is a good car park on the east side of the river at Arley accessed from the Kidderminster to Bridgnorth road.

Both photographs were taken by Andrew Smith on a very wet 25th July 2003.

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