Railways in Worcestershire

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Redditch and Evesham Railway

Birmingham New Street, Redditch, Evesham and Ashchurch (Midland Railway)

This line ran from a junction with the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway at Barnt Green to Redditch and Ashchurch where it re-joined the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway.

The northern part of this line from Barnt Green through Alvechurch to Redditch (opened 19th May 1859) is still open and forms an important part of Centro's electrified "Cross City line" to Birmingham New Street and Lichfield. The line from Barnt Green to Redditch is single track.

Timetable 1979

This is the minimal timetable that was in effect for the period from 14th May 1979 to 29th December 1979.

From Redditch the line went to Evesham and Ashchurch (opened 4th May 1868). The trackbed can be walked at the Evesham Country Park. This section of line closed completely on 6th July 1964. There were stations at Studley for Astwood Bank (closed 1st October 1962), Coughton (closed 30th June 1952), Alcester (closed 1st October 1962), Wixford (closed 2nd January 1950), Broom Junction (closed 1st October 1962 - this was the junction for The Stratford-upon-Avon and Midland Junction Railway), Salford Priors (closed 1st October 1962), Harvington (closed 1st October 1962) and Evesham (Midland Railway) station, closed 17th June 1963).

From Evesham the line passed through Bengeworth (closed 8th June 1953), Hinton (closed 17th June 1963), Ashton-under-Hill (closed 17th June 1963), Beckford (closed 17th June 1963) to Ashchurch.

The winter 1962-3 timetable can be found here

Parts of this line cross the county boundary into Warwickshire and Ashchurch is in Gloucestershire.

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