Railways in Worcestershire

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Images of 2013


All photographs taken by Andrew Smith unless otherwise credited.

No.43139 at Great Malvern

The first heavy snowfall of the 2012/13 winter arrived in Worcestershire on Friday 18th January 2013. Travelling conditions were very difficult over the weekend and the lack of sun kept the temperatures down. The car park at Great Malvern Station, normally full by 09:00, was nearly empty by the time the first 'down' Paddington (08:22 train code 1W00) to Hereford service arrived on Monday 21st January. Due to stop at Great Malvern at 11:08 it was 22 minutes late by the time it arrived with class 43 power car No.43139 'Driver Stan Martin...' at the front. Unusually the First Great Western driver chose to ignore the 'HST stop' signs set well beyond the platform end and stopped instead alongside the Malvern Wells Distant Signal (MW40). Although the sun was not shining the visibility was just enough to glimpse the Worcestershire Beacon in the background. Photograph taken by Andrew Smith.

No.975012-4 at Stoulton

This interesting piece of on-track plant is John Deere Gator Buggy No.975012-4 which is used for transporting personnel for site yards to the place where engineering work is being undertaken. In this case the location of the yard was in the old station site at Stoulton and the associated trackwork slightly nearer to Worcester with Stoulton being the nearest road access point. The photographs below shows equipment and plant in the station yard. On the left is Quattro road/railer No.940096-9. Both photographs were taken by Andrew Smith on 27th January 2013.

Stoulton yard

Worcester Engineers' Siding

An early evening photograph taken on Monday 18th March 2013 showing work in progress on what would appears to be receptacles for storing ballast or similar material. On the left hand side of the photograph is a Network Rail Stoneblower (possibly No.DR 80206) whilst the Gigarailer on the right is No.940089-4.

No.150247 at Worcester Shrub Hill

First Great Western two-car diesel multiple unit No.150247 waits at Worcester Shrub Hill before departing with the 16.40 service to Bristol Temple Meads (headcode 2T39) on Sunday 22nd September 2013. Photograph taken by Adrian Booth.

172212 & 172217 at Newland

Barely thirty minutes after this photograph was taken an icy North wind blew in from Arctic and freezing rain covered the streets to signal the start of Winter. This photograph (with class 172s Nos.172212 and 172217) repeats almost to the day the last image of 2012. This photograph was taken at Newland on 20th November 2013.

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