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Severn Valley Railway News


Severn Valley News

This is the regular magazine that members of the Severn Valley Railway receive as a part of their subscription. Because the SVR is the largest preservation body in the County and arguably the premier Preserved Railway in England there always plenty of interest in their magazines. If you are not a member copies of the latest issue can be purchased from the bookshops on the railway and older issues are readily available on the second hand market

The one highlighted above is Issue No.134 which has a particularly interesting article in it about a visit by the 'Royal Train' in 1957 when the 'Royal Train' was stabled on the Bromyard Branch for two nights and used by the Queen for visits to amongst other places Worcester and Kidderminster.

The Royal Train engines were 'Castle' class 4-6-0s No.7001 'Sir James Milne' and No.7027' Thornbury Castle'.

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