Railways in Worcestershire

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Stourbridge Town Line

Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town

This passengers only line is a short branch that runs down a very steep incline from Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town. It was opened by the GWR on 1st August (or October) 1879.

It should be noted that the present Stourbridge Junction station was opened in 1901 replacing the original Stourbridge station that was a few hundred yards away to the north. Trains from the Stourbridge Town branch originally turn north to access the junction station rather continuing south as at present.

There was also a second line adjacent to the first that was for freight only and continued beyond Stourbridge Town station to serve sidings at Stourbridge Basin This line opened on 1st January 1881 and closed on 5th July 1965. The original and rather majestic Town station was demolished in 1978 and Centro has since built a new and more utilitarian structure just to the north of the original. The new station now benefits from a direct interchange with Stourbridge bus station. The most notable feature of the interchange is the grandiose set of public toilets provided by Centro.

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