Railways in Worcestershire

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Moreton-in-Marsh to Worcester


As publishers ourselves we well know that "you are damned if you publish and dammed if you dont'" but how the authors must have wished they'd spent another five minutes proof-checking the cover to eliminate the obvious "Worchester" error on the spine.

If this were the only error in the book it could be easily dismissed but alas such spelling errors are commonplace in the text also (misspelt "Wyldes Lane" instead of Wyld's Lane in the cover picture caption and "Ashbourne" for "Ashchurch" in photo No.57 being just two examples).

Worse still though are some of the factual errors that could have been eliminated by even a cursory glance at this web site of which by far the worst is the suggestion that Worcester Locomotive Repair Works closed in October 1964 whereas it was still repairing locos in the autumn of 1965.

The paucity of suitable photographs of the line (a feature shared with this web site) perhaps suggests it might have been better to have had just one book covering the whole of the section from Oxford to Worcester and thus eliminate the need for filler pages on Long Marston and Moreton-in-March Fire Service College.

Photo No.80 is a real gem thought as it shows a warning sign for Traction Engine Drivers mounted on a section of broad gauge bridge rail.

Altogether a slightly disappointing book.

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